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Local cider is available throughout the Summer period produced by the Meller family nestled in the Fauquets Valley. Rocquettes Fauxquets Valley cider – 4.5% ABV   A light still cider with a slight haze, enjoyed anytime. Rocquettes Bec Du Nez – 4.6% ABV   Still dry and moreish cider first produced for the Sark Folk Festival. Castle Gunner – 4.9% ABV   Still cider with added hops. Traditional draft Rocquette Cider – 4.5% ABV is available at The Cock and Bull all year around. Crisp, fresh and exceedingly ‘appley’. Westons Stowford Press – 4.5% ABV Thatchers Haze – 4.5%  ABV  Perfect for laid back , relaxed and sociable drinking occasions. Slightly sweet with a cloudy appearance and crisp...

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